Video games aren’t only for the big kids, but they’re great for children, too. Not only that, but with such an extensive offering of games being made, there’s something for every kid gamer, regardless of what they’re into. While Xbox One has plenty of games for the adult gamers of the world, there are also quite a few games made specifically for kids.

While not every game may be what Fortnite has become, there are still plenty of games that are highly suitable and entertaining for children that are available on Xbox One. In addition, most of them also support local multiplayer, too. Which means your kid can not only have fun in the comfort of your home, but can also enjoy the experience with a group of friends.

From sports games to action/adventure games and strategy games, we have everything you need in our list of the best Xbox One Games for kids. No matter what your little gamer likes, we have a game for them. Take a look at some of our preferred top-rated titles for children of all ages below to find an age-appropriate choice for your young gamer’s interest.

LEGO Worlds

If your child is a fan of anything related to LEGO’s, they will undoubtedly love playing LEGO Worlds. With backward compatibility and plenty of re-releases, LEGO games are perfect for any child to immerse themselves in. From Harry Potter to Star Wars and Jurassic World, LEGO has everything for kids and appears only to have just begun dominating the video game market.


There isn’t much to be said about Minecraft that hasn’t been said before. After taking the video game world by storm, it’s hard to imagine a household that Minecraft hasn’t already been installed in. Offering both online and local split-screen capabilities, Minecraft allows any child’s creative mind to build their own fantasy world to adventure through endlessly. With regular updates still being added to the game, Minecraft will leave your kid coming back for more.

Rocket League

Offering a fusion between competitive football and fast cars, Rocket League brings something to video games that haven’t been done before. With support for up to four local players and online gameplay, Rocket League also offers plenty of new game modes and a gaming experience with plenty of replay value. When it comes to satisfying your child’s competitive nature, Rocket League will undoubtedly keep your kid busy for hours.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Taking the third-person shooter genre to a whole new level, the Plants vs. Zombies series is an underrated game that offers something for every child. With new quests and hidden collectibles, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 mixes co-op and competitive game modes to meet all of your child’s gaming needs. Who knows, you might even find yourself playing it more than your child is.

TrackMania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo offers one thing that other games simply cannot: a purely fast racing game experience. However, instead of competing against other players, the only competition in TrackMania Turbo is yourself. With hundreds of tracks and even a custom track creator, your child can compete and create in brand new ways every time they pick up the controller.

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