After a certain point, online gaming doesn’t cut it anymore. Although online multiplayer has its advantages, the appeal of sharing screens with one of your closest friends is something that has no exception. However, finding split screen Xbox One games that you and your friend can agree on brings on an entirely new set of challenges.

With Microsoft’s extensive catalog of gaming options, the selection can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned gaming veteran. Luckily, we just so happen to love this sort of thing and have a few Xbox One games we would like you to check out. Regardless of your preference in the gaming genre, we think you will like what we’ve come up with.

Whether you like the classics or some good old fashioned side by side co-op gaming, we think every game on this list is worthy of your consideration. All that’s left for you is to message your friends, grab the snacks, and start gaming. Keep scrolling as we count off a few of the very best split-screen Xbox One games you and your friends can start playing today.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 continues to prove why the Diablo series is one of the absolute best RPG’s that you will ever find. With plenty of split-screen fun for all of your friends to enjoy, Diablo 3 also offers plenty of equipment and damage upgrades to leave you fighting for more. It should go without saying that Diablo 3 is a must-have for anyone looking for a game that has perfected the co-op gaming experience.

Unravel 2

With Unravel receiving such positive reception upon its release, it was only right that Unravel 2 would follow in similar footsteps. However, this time players are now able to bring a friend along for the ride, which makes Unravel 2 a shoo-in for this list. In fact, the only way to find victory with Unravel 2 is with a friend.

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Whether you and your friend are getting a bit nostalgic or just want to play a classic Xbox game, Halo: Master Chief Collection is worth the purchase. Adding to what made Halo successful in the first place, Halo: Master Chief Collection continues to capitalize on its campaigns in its latest installment. Even after all these years, Halo continues to be one of the best in co-op gaming.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Although it has been one of the most successful crafting games of its kind, Ark: Survival Evolved is quite often forgotten about among the gaming community. However, at its core, Ark: Survival Evolved is everything that players want from a split-screen title. With plenty of dinosaurs and weird creatures, Ark: Survival Evolved is worth your time and effort from beginning to end.


Ever since its 2017 release, Cuphead continues to find popularity among the gaming community. Though it can be absurdly difficult to play at times, Cuphead is everything you would want from a split-screen game that requires the help of a friend. With a lighthearted narrative and retro art style, Cuphead is undoubtedly in a class of its own.

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