Pokemon has come a very long way since it first became a thing in the mid-90s. From training cards to television shows, movies, and now video games, Pokemon has seen quite the evolution in 25 years. With the help of Nintendo Switch, Pokemon has now become just as much of a hit as it was in 1996.

With Pokémon: Let’s Go! serving as the first RPG for Nintendo Switch Games, players are launched right back into the Poké world. Based on Pokémon Yellow, Poké players are taken right back to Kanto as they attempt to catch them all. Needless to say, Pokémon: Let’s Go! has attracted millions of casual and hardcore fans alike since its 2018 release.

But, despite the game's success, there are still plenty of gamers who haven’t gotten on board yet. We understand, with so many games and such a limited amount of time, it can be challenging to find enough time to commit yourself to a new video game. So, that’s why we decided to put together a brief list of a few reasons why you should start playing Pokemon Nintendo Switch games today.

Pokémon: Let's Go takes place in the same region as Pokémon Red & Blue with original 151 Pokémon

As previously mentioned, Pokémon: Let's Go takes players back to where it all started. Returning to the Kanto region from the first Pokémon series, players get to explore an all-new updated version of the same cities they’re familiar with. Not only that, but players will also get to battle against classic gym leaders and face off once more against Team Rocket to decide who is the best Pokémon trainer.

You can customize and bond with your Pokémon to unlock special abilities

As every Pokémon trainer knows, the bond you have with your Pokémon is a vital part of the game. In Pokémon: Let's Go, players now get to customize their partner’s outfit and give them treats to improve their friendship. As the game progresses, your Pokémon will unlock brand new special abilities that can be used throughout various parts of the game.

Catching Pokémon works the same way as Pokémon Go

For fans of Pokémon Go, you won’t have to worry about any learning curve. In Pokémon: Let's Go, encounters are heavily influenced by Pokémon Go and uses the same targeting system for players to control their Poké ball. This not only makes the process much more straightforward, but regular encounters with Pokémon in the wild are now much easier.

Pokémon: Let's Go allows for co-op adventures, online trading, and battles

For the first time ever, Pokémon: Let's Go now enables players to travel the Pokémon universe together. Players can not join a game that’s already in progress with a second controller to make catching Pokémon even easier than before. You can also team up with a friend in team battles to make tougher Pokémon trainers much easier to defeat.

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