The PlayStation 4 undoubtedly has a massive collection of games to choose from. But what about the games that the whole family can enjoy? There’s no doubt that finding quality PS4 games for the entire family can be difficult, but it certainly can be done.

When searching for multiplayer PS4 games for the family, there’s a lot that needs to be considered. Whether you have a large family or have family members that would prefer to play non-violent video games, there’s plenty of thought that goes into the decision process. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite family-friendly multiplayer PS4 games.

Below you’ll find our favorite picks that your whole family can enjoy, no matter their age bracket. Whether you’re looking for a music-oriented game or something with a little bit more action to bring out the best in everyone, this list has something for you. No matter their individual preference, we’re confident you can find something for every member of your family to have fun with and possibly even break a sweat, too.

Hasbro Family Fun Pack

Long gone are the days of board games being played on actual boards. In Hasbro Family Fun Pack, you can now play all of your family’s favorite board games using your console. From Monopoly to Risk and Scrabble, Hasbro Family Fun Pack brings all of your favorite board games to life with a rather impressive 3D gaming experience.

Rocket League

As if kicking a ball around an arena to score goals wasn’t already fun, what if cars were added to the equation? By blending sports and lots of action, Rocket League brings something new and exciting to the gaming market. With several different game modes and plenty of fun gameplay, Rocket League is one of the most exciting multiplayer PS4 games for the entire family to enjoy.

Overcooked 2

At first glance, Overcooked 2 might seem like a simple game, but we promise it is way more fun than you could even imagine. The goal in Overcooked 2 is simple: prepare and serve meals just as they appear on the screen and stay on the lookout for no shortage of craziness that will make things rather tricky. Overcooked 2 will put your family’s communication skills to the test and will add some serious chaos to family game night.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

First stepping on the scene in 1999, Crash Team Racing has managed to stick around over all the years and transformed itself into a great multiplayer game in the racing genre. In fact, Crash Team Racing has been around for so long that some people might have even forgotten how incredible the game truly is. Order a pizza or two, grab the family, and plan to spend the rest of the night power sliding through various maps with no shortage of tension.

Little Big Planet 3

In terms of endearing and unbelievably creative games, Little Big Planet 3 is at the very top of the list. In this physics-heavy experience, you and the whole family will have to put your engineering skills to the test to build almost any type of level imaginable. While it may come with a bit of a learning curve, once your family gets the hang of it, we promise this game will be enjoyable for many game nights to come.

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