There’s no denying that PlayStation 4 has hundreds of games, most of which are geared toward an older audience of players. So, what about the younger gamers of the world? Luckily for you, there are still a lot of great PS4 games for kids, and we’ve found the best of them all.

A good children’s video game should be not only a creative experience, but also a joyful activity. Additionally, they should also provide kids with a chance to bond with their friends. While they still shouldn’t spend an endless amount of hours in front of the television playing games, there’s nothing wrong with a little leisure and, who knows, you might even want to join in on the fun.

Whether they like to explore massive open worlds, build fun, interactive environments, or take part in friendly exhibitions with their closest friends, PS4 has something for every kid. The best part is that all of the games on this list are also nonviolent, which means as a parent, you never have to worry about your child playing a game they shouldn’t be. Take a look at some of our favorite PS4 games for kids of all ages below and get ready for a whole lot of wholesome fun.

Aer: Memories of Old

A wonderfully adventurous game, Aer: Memories of Old takes players soaring through the skies and offers players plenty of exploration. With responsive and intuitive controls, Aer: Memories of Old allows players to morph into birds or humans depending on their preference for exploration for the day. With plenty of puzzles to solve and secrets to find, Aer: Memories of Old will keep your child consumed for hours on end.


While Journey may be a few years old, we don’t love it any less than we did when it first came out. With a beautiful and sparse open-world landscape, Journey offers kids no shortage of breathtaking surroundings for the entire duration of the gameplay. If you’re looking for the perfect game to help relax your child, you won’t find many games better than Journey.


Koi is one of those PS4 games that does what it does better and more straightforwardly than any other game on the market. Swim around a stunning aquatic world and solve puzzles along the way. With simple, yet beautiful graphics, Koi is meant to be a peaceful gaming experience with plenty of adventure.


RiME is one of the most alluring adventure games you may ever find. As you navigate your way through a mysterious island as a young boy, RiME is nothing, if not an utterly pleasurable gaming experience. In fact, you might even find yourself taking more screenshots of the open-world than actually playing the game itself.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

RPG’s typically aren’t the most relaxing games, but Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is the exception. With no combat involved, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles sees players exploring, collecting materials, and talking with village locals to complete various side missions. With a massive world and no time limits, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is perfect for any child looking for a laid-back, adventurous gaming experience.

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