Dead Rising 2 - Xbox One
Upgraded graphics - taking advantage of the current hardware systems, an new version of Dead Rising 2 can be enjoyed in gory-ous 1080p at 60 fps. Dress for success - each new version of the game includes all additional DLC...
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Dark Souls Remastered - Xbox One
Delve into an epic dark fantasy universe stricken by decline and the Curse. Explore its intricate world design - full of hidden passages, dungeons and secrets - and uncover its deeply rooted lore Each playthrough surprises you with new challenges...
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Crackdown 3 - Xbox One
Step up your boom and stop crime as a super-powered Agent of justice in Crackdown 3 Level up your super-Agent skills to jump over skyscrapers, hurl trucks at your enemies and fight like a boss Lure vindictive crime lords out...
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox One
Developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), harnesses the first three-year, all next-gen development cycle in franchise history. See more: Gamestop Xbox one games
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Battlefield Hardline - Xbox One
Cops & Criminals Meet in a World Full of Crime - Lead your crew as detective Nick Mendoza in an episodic crime drama single player Campaign or as cops and criminals in intense high-speed Battlefield multiplayer. You’re on one side...
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Battleborn - Xbox One
Story Mode: Battleborn’s Story Mode is a narrative experience that can be played entirely singleplayer and is even better when it’s played cooperatively with friends. Multiplayer: Battleborn’s team-based competitive multiplayer action can be experienced by up to 10 players online...
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Batman: Arkham Knight - Xbox One
The Batmobile: Gamers have demanded it, and Batman: Arkham Knight delivers. The all new Batmobile sits at the heart of the gameplay experience and augments Batman's abilities in every respect. Next-Gen Gotham City: Harnessing the power of the next generation...
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Lego Marvel Collection - Xbox One
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Players take control of a huge roster of characters as they unite to stop Loki and a host of other Marvel villains from assembling a super weapon capable of destroying the world LEGO Marvel's Avengers Jump...
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Anthem - Xbox One
Team up with up to three other players in cooperative adventures that reward both teamwork and individual skill Choose from an arsenal of customizable Javelin exosuits – armor designed to provide its pilot with incredible offensive and defensive capabilities The...
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Kingdom Hearts III - Xbox One
Combines worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy Sora returns with Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey and Riku to stop Master Xehanort's plan;Number of Players: 1 player; ESRB Content: Fantasy violence; Genre: Action and Adventure|Role Playing New "Attraction Flow" attacks incorporate...
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Burnout Paradise Remastered - Xbox One
Includes eight main DLC packs from the Year of Paradise, including the Big Surf Island update, meticulously recreated and ready to wreck New technical enhancements for greater visual fidelity, including high-resolution textures for players to explore Paradise City in 4K...
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