The 10 Best Final Fantasy Games

In the gaming world, video games come and go. With such a variety of games being released each year, finding PS4 games that last the test of time can be a difficult task for even the most veteran of gamers. But every once in a while, an iconic video game slips between the cracks and captures the hearts of players all around the world.

For most, Final Fantasy is the game that did exactly that. For 15 installments, gamers were entranced by the legendary world created by Square Enix. Transitioning from RPG to MMO, Final Fantasy has seen it all.

But we wanted to find out which Final Fantasy games were simply the best of the series. So, we sought out to do precisely that. Keep reading below to find out which (mainline) Final Fantasy games we consider the best and why.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is widely held as the best installment of the Final Fantasy series, and we have to agree. Featuring a completely unique world and a cast of over a dozen memorable characters (Kefka is BAR NONE, the best FF Villain ever), Final Fantasy VI was something that the video game world hadn’t seen before. 

We’re not going into too much detail as that would be venturing into spoiler territory, but know this: from the storyline to its combat sequences, Final Fantasy VI isn’t only the best Final Fantasy game, but it might also be one of the best video games in gaming history.

Final Fantasy VIII

We understand that we  may be taking bold liberty by putting it so high on our list, but the game’s boldness, and overall weirdness (starting with the mind-baffling mechanics of Squall’s Gunblade), is what makes us like Final Fantasy VIII so much. 

That being said, it’s not likely that Square Enix looks back as fondly on this game as much as we do, hence the reason it was only remastered and not remade, but that doesn’t change our overall opinion about the game. 

With a massive futuristic world design and impeccable attention to detail that gamers simply hadn’t seen prior to its release, Final Fantasy VIII is one of those games that will receive more praise as time goes on.

Final Fantasy X

When thinking about video games that can hold up the test of time nearly 20 years later, there aren’t many games that come to mind. Final Fantasy X, however, still remains one of the most playable video games to date, despite being released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001. 

Not only did Final Fantasy X introduce 3D backgrounds and voice acting, but it also featured a completely revamped battle system, which was more than enough to earn it a high ranking on our list. Fan reception was so good that it was the first Final Fantasy to ever receive a direct sequel.

Blitzball, anyone?


Final Fantasy XII

Not to be confused with Final Fantasy X-2 (which was the sequel to FFX). One thing we believe all Final Fantasy fans can agree on is the fact that Final Fantasy XII is a gaming masterpiece. Alongside its highly detailed environments as a brand new combat system called Quickenings, modeled after the Active Dimension Battle system, Final Fantasy XII only elevated the series to new plateaus. While some fans disliked the overall length of the game, is that really a complaint when the game is so enjoyable?

Final Fantasy IX

When talking about games that solidify a gaming era, Final Fantasy IX is at the top of every list as it was released near the end of the PS1’s cycle in 2000. Infusing fantasy with medieval, Final Fantasy IX encapsulates everything that fans loved about the Final Fantasy series all into one game. While it may not be the absolute best of the series, Final Fantasy IX is easily a cornerstone game when discussing anything about Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV felt like the first real “risk” that was taken by Square Enix (then Squaresoft), and it turned out to be a significant turning point for the gaming developers. 

As the first entry for the Super Nintendo, Final Fantasy IV ushered in a brand new era for all future Final Fantasy games and did so admirably. Not only did this mark the beginning of a new graphics system for the series, but Final Fantasy IV also introduced a new way of storytelling to fans and would be seen in numerous other games for generations to come.

Final Fantasy VII

Now, we understand that some fans might be upset with our placement of Final Fantasy VII on this list, but we didn’t do so without supporting evidence of such. 

FF7 marks Square’s departure from Nintendo and practically established Sony’s PlayStation One as the console to own. 

While the game did a brilliant job of storytelling and featured some of our most favorite characters in Final Fantasy history, we think the nostalgia for the game might be disguising some of the game’s overall blemishes. Think about it: Are the characters in the original game SD or not?

However, that’s not to say Final Fantasy VII isn’t an incredible game because it absolutely is  - mediocre games do not spawn a feature-length CG film, animated shorts, mobile games, prequel games, sequel games AND a remake, after all -  and deserves to be played multiple times.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

In all honesty, Final Fantasy XIV would be much lower on this list had it not been for the 2013 relaunch. We know this installment wasn’t everyone’s favorite, but it does deserve some credit for making things right in the relaunch, which is why it’s placed higher than some fans might have expected. That being said, Final Fantasy XIV is still a decent game with no shortage of PvP battles, quests, and raids for players of all gaming styles.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

After being asked for a remake for several years and first teased in a PS3 tech demo, Square Enix finally decided to give the fans what they had been asking for. 

While the overall game could have been better and didn’t exactly live up to the hype that fans thought it would, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is still an excellent addition to the series. However, we simply had too many other critiques to rank this game any higher on the list.

We might revisit our opinion of this when the rest of the episodes come out. After all, it’s only technically ⅓ done with the story.


Final Fantasy V

Last but not least, we have the most forgotten installment of the Final Fantasy series. The high note of Final Fantasy V is the fact that it gave fans a glimpse into what the series could be and eventually would become. Despite the game’s overall flaws seeing as it was released in 1992, it’s still great to look back on how far the Final Fantasy series has come over the years.

What were some of your favorite Final Fantasy games? Did we leave any off the list that you think deserve an honorable mention? Let us know in the comments section below which one you believe deserves our immediate attention and why.
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